Investors in pupils

investors-in-pupils-logoWell done everybody!

We achieved the Investors In Pupils Award! The assessor was very impressed with the children at Glasshoughton Infant School. A big thank you to all the parents, staff, governors and most importantly – the children.


What is Investors in Pupils?

Investors in Pupils is a national award that recognises the achievement of the whole school. It is designed to increase pupils’ understanding of how their school runs and how every member of the school community contributes to their learning. It provides a whole school framework for participation and ensures every child has a voice; feels listened to and takes part in decision making processes. Pupil Participation underpins every aspect of the award. The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Classroom and School Management
  • Induction
  • Learning

The Investors in Pupils Award values pupils and we believe it supports the aims and ethos of Glasshoughton Infant School.
How does it help our children?
Children at Glasshoughton Infant School take a full and active part in their learning. They already take part in activities that are part of the award framework helping them to know:

  • That they are an important part of their class and school
  • How they can contribute to their own learning
  • Who helps them to learn
  • The roles and responsibilities of everyone at Glasshoughton Infants School
  • Why they need to come to school
  • About finance and the school budget
  • Who our Governors are and what they do
  • How to look after new people in school
  • That they learn in different ways
  • The benefits of making good choices
  • That they never stop learning

Investors in pupils recognises the good work already taking place in school and provides a framework to further develop our children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.
Investors in Pupils Activities
The children take part in a wide range of activities covering all the requirements of the Award.

  • Individual Targets – children choose their own targets and work towards that target. The target can be personal or academic. These are displayed in the classroom.
  • A class target – reviewed and renewed each week to help the class work together as a team.
  • A class promise – children in every class work together to decide what they want their class to be like and the rules that they can keep. Each child will know how they can contribute to that class to make it a happy, safe and caring environment in which to learn. The children then write their class promise.
  • A welcome book (Induction book) – developed by the children to welcome new people (pupils and adults) into their class.

September 2013 UPDATE

What impact has Investors in Pupils had on our school?

  • understand that they are an important part of their class and school.
  • understand that their voice is important and they are listened to.
  • have become more involved in school life.
  • have been more involved in making decisions.
  • like targets (personal and class targets) and understand how to achieve them.
  • new to school are able to take home the class welcome book and find out about the school and their new class.
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of adults and how all adults (including parents/carers) are important to their learning.
  • have roles within school (class responsibilities/play time buddies etc).
  • understand that resources are bought to support their learning.
  • understand that school has a budget and they have had more respect for resources as they understand that everything has a cost.

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Contact Details

Mrs. A Walker
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
Newfield Avenue
WF10 4BH
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Mrs Claire Wilson
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
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01977 516343
Chair of Governors
Our Chair of Governors is Mr Phil Wagstaff and can be contacted via the school. 
For all enquiries please contact Mrs Nicola Raven-Dossey in the school office on:
01977 516343
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.